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Blogging For Fun and Money

By: Rich H Williams
Look at any niche online and you will find countless bloggers contributing to the conversation. There will probably be some high profile names and some smaller blogs discussing issues related to the niche and there will be followers who ritually read each post. If you enjoy writing and feel you have something to contribute you might like to start your own blog. Here are some tips on making your blog popular and profitable.

Use WordPress

WordPress is a software that enable you to set up a blog very quickly and easily. You are best advised to set up the site on your own domain and it is extremely easy if your hosting has a C-panel. There are numerous plugins that make life easier and expand the options for your blog.

Research Keywords

Spend some time finding a list of keywords that are not overly competitive and you will be able to rank for. There are usually lots of long-tail keywords you can target within your articles and this will improve your traffic.

Promote Your Site

Get the word out about your blog by posting your articles to social bookmaking sites and getting links from relevant websites. Add informative comments about other bloggers articles in your niche and they may well respond. Go to the main forums in your niche and contribute quality content. You can quickly become known as an expert in your field this way and can put your site in the signature.


In order to make some money you will need to find the best methods for monetizing your blog. You have a number of options here. You can include AdSense where you are paid when somebody clicks on an advert. This is quick and easy to set up but will require you have a lot of traffic to see good returns. You can promote affiliate products to your readers. It is probably best advised not to sell too hard as you may well lose their trust. A final method is to put banners on your blog which are either paid for by product vendors or include your affiliate link if somebody clicks through and purchases.***

Rich Williams is an Internet Marketing teacher and innovator. You can get a FREE copy of his report:
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Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Rich_H_Williams