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Freelance Writing For Beginners - Master Blogging For Success

By Angela Booth
Want to kick off your freelance writing career with guaranteed success? You can, when you master blogging. Since blogging is instant publishing, you have the potential to get your words in front of millions of people, no matter how new you are at writing.

1. Set a Focus for Your Blog: What Are You Selling?

Before you create your first blog (or your next blog) spend a little time thinking, and making notes.

Answer these questions:

* what do I want this blog to do for me?
* what's the audience for this blog?
* am I enthusiastic about this blog?

Why is enthusiasm important?

It's vital because your blog will become more valuable over time. I create many blogs. Once I've added some initial posts to a blog over a three-month period, I generally let the blog lie fallow. It will find its own level in the search engines.

When I get back to the blog, usually some months later, it's built up an audience and I can set new goals for that particular blog. So your initial enthusiasm about a particular blog ensures that you're creating a long-term web property which will bring you benefits for years to come.

2. Build an Audience With Your Enthusiasm

Now you know who your audience is, spend a little time thinking about them. What do they most want to know? What will make them come back to your blog after the first visit?

I know that thinking about what you're doing in this way is a little difficult. Even if you feel you're not doing it "right", just write down your impressions. You can't be right or wrong, and you can change your mind at any time. But thinking about your blog in this way builds very productive habits which will stand you in good stead for the length of your freelance writing career.

Thinking about you audience also helps you to build your enthusiasm. Although hundreds of thousands of blogs are created every day, most of those blogs die on the vine. This is because they were started in haste, without any thought, so they don't have any real foundation. Once the initial excitement over trying something new wears off these blogs are forgotten as quickly as they were started.

3. Set Goals and Blog Every Day

As with all writing, blogging is a voyage of discovery. You will learn new things about yourself and your writing with every blog post you create. Don't spend too much time thinking about blogging, just write a post, and publish it. Once you become used to writing every day, you're building a freelance writing habit which will be the envy of many professional writers.

It usually takes professional writers many years before they realize that their career is in their own hands, no one else's, because it's the writing they do that's important. Your writing is something that YOU absolutely control, and as long as you keep writing, your career will rapidly develop.

As a new freelance writer, your blog is both your calling card and your guide. You will be amazed at what your blog will do for your career and the things you will learn about writing, and about life, from blogging.***

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Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Angela_Booth