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Landing Page Optimization - More Profitable Than Chasing Web Traffic

By Tony Simpson
We show how you can make far more money by carrying out effective landing page optimization than you will through chasing after more web site visitors with paid advertising or SEO.

If you run a website to make a profit you don't need me to tell you how critical it can be to get enough visitor traffic looking for what you have to offer. You may well be spending a lot of time and/or money on getting more traffic through SEO or PPC.

But, do you spend as much time and money getting more from existing web site visitors as you do in getting more traffic ?

I am confident that for most web site operators the answer would be NO !

Getting ever more visitor traffic to a web site has for many site operators become an all consuming obsession that underpins almost everything they do. Whether its SEO or free and paid advertising, the focus is all about increasing site traffic.

If you increase visitor traffic to your site through search engine optimization by paying for SEO services or by doing it yourself, the time you spend developing your site, still costs money. Your time is not free as any accountant will tell you.

Let me try to illustrate the point with a simple example. Assume by spending 20 hours a month you get 1,000 extra visitors to your site and you value your time at $1,000.

Or let's assume you use Pay Per Click (PPC) to drive 1,000 more visitors per month to your site costing $1 per click, which would cost $1,000 per month.

If 2 out of every 100 visitors sent to a landing page buy a $100 product those 1,000 visitors would provide 20 more orders worth $2,000. After subtracting advertising costs of $1,000 the net gain from PPC visitor traffic is $1,000 for the month, or $3,000 over three months.

Rather than marketing the site through SEO or buying traffic using PPC lets assume the equivalent amount of $1,000 per month is spent on landing page optimization spread over 3 months.

From the existing website traffic, assume 1,000 visitors are presented with an optimized landing page that converts 5 in every 100 visitors into buyers. Those 1,000 visitors would produce 50 orders, or 30 more orders per month than generated going to the existing un-optimized landing page.

Those 30 extra orders, worth $3,000 would give a net gain of $3,000 - $1,000 or $2,000 per month after deducting the cost of landing page optimization. Over 3 months the return on investment or ROI would be $6,000.

Compare the $6,000 gained from landing page optimization with the $3,000 gained from paid visitor traffic over the same 3 months and the gain is an extra $3,000 more than from just traffic promotion.

So, landing page optimization clearly produces the better return on investment and more profit.

Of course one might argue with different numbers the results for landing page optimization would be different, or that these figures have been specially selected to prove a point. Yes they were chosen to prove a point, but there is nothing special about these figures.

Another great bonus to landing page optimization is that you DON'T pay for it month in, month out, like many forms of traffic promotion. Once the optimization is done you continue to reap the extra profit month after month at no extra cost.

You can calculate how long landing page optimization is likely to take for one of your web pages with our online landing page optimization test duration calculator. You can also determine if your page would be suitable for optimization using our online landing page optimization qualifier

Tony Simpson has over 7 years of experience in web site design, site optimization, including search engine optimization and offers a wide range of website optimization services to cater to all pockets, even those that are currently empty.
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Tony_Simpson