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Link Building - Tips Everyone Can Use

By Sameep Shah
One of the keys to a strong and successful Web site or blog is attracting the right audience. Some people find this easy to do through paid advertising, but not everyone has the capabilities to acquire powerful advertising. Instead, people can rely on link building to expand their site's viewership. This may be difficult for beginners, simply because they don't know where to begin, but if it is researched well, it can be done by anyone with great results. Some link building tactics are easier to use than others, but there are some creative ways to build links today.

The first thing you need to know about link building even before you start is to know your audience and create links accordingly. Think of link building in the terms of advertising. You wouldn't advertise for children's toys during a show only adults will watch. It wouldn't make sense business wise. Accordingly, you shouldn't link your site to a site that has nothing in common with your own. Having your links be user-friendly will increase the chances of people actually linking to your site. On the same note, you shouldn't accept links from other sites that don't fit in with your site's content.

Another way you can increase your link building is simply by asking people. Contact Webmasters of similar, but not competing, sites and ask them if they can link your site at the bottom. If you take this route, make sure you aren't asking a competing Web site because the obvious answer will be no. Have the option of linking back available to them as a courtesy. They are more likely to agree if they can link on your site as well. Before you contact them, make sure you have a link ready. Most importantly, but often overlooked, is to make sure the site even has a links page.

A good tip for link building when you are approaching potential link sites is to be personal. Don't send out a massive e-mail asking several sites for a link. Send an e-mail to each site, or better yet, call the person and actually speak with them. Be personal in each conversation by mentioning facts or aspects of their site you noticed and liked. While it may be difficult starting out, just remember that link building takes time. However, when executed effectively, it will pick up quickly because people looking to link build will spot your site on another site. They'll then contact you to link to yours.

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Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Sameep_Shah