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Link Building - Why It's Important For Your Website

By Sameep Shah
For many people with Web sites, link building is an afterthought. Some people don't see the relevance to it because they think they can gain traffic other ways. Some people are turned off by link building because it is a time-consuming task. Whatever your reason is for not focusing on link building, forget it. Links can be an important asset to your site and your business, if your site happens to be business-related. It is a great way to gain traffic and attention to your site because it could it often brings in people who otherwise never would have found it on their own.

The main reason link building is important is because it generates traffic to your site. If you ever want your site to expand or at least pay for itself, you want traffic. Using keywords for searching purposes doesn't always guarantee you'll be at the top of search engines, which is where the majority of people click for sites. People don't want to scroll through pages of sites just to find yours. By linking your site to a similar-content site has the potential to double your traffic. Your site could be just what they were looking for, they just couldn't find it.

Link building doesn't mean that you have to spend all day every day looking for sites to which to link. It does mean you have to take your time though. Be picky about which sites you choose. Don't link to a site that has questionable content simply because they said you can link there. Make your links relevant to your existing viewers. They won't appreciate you linking them to troublesome sites. This might cause you to lose some viewers, which is the opposite goal of link building.

Even if you find just a few sites to which to link might be enough for a good start. Linking tends to have a volley tendency because there are so many people looking to link. They could find your link on a site and ask to link on yours. In return, you have found a new link site. None of this is possible, though, if you link to every site available. No one will want to link to yours if it has nothing to with their own. Rethink the importance of link building for your site. Even if you aren't looking to expand your site, it never hurts to have more viewers and contacts.

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Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Sameep_Shah