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My First Poor Experience on Directory Submitting

By Alan Chimes
I decided to submit my website to many directories in order to promote it. I have to say I was a newbie to directory submitting. In another word, I did know nothing about it and never submit my website to the directories before.

I had to do some search about what directory submitting is, what benefit it can bring to my website and how to do it. There is no any statistic or analytic result to show that directory submitting can bring great traffic for one website since most people do search just via Google, Yahoo or MSN. My thought was very simple, I didn't need traffic, I just want to build more backlinks though directory submitting and enhance page rank value to my website.

Google "directory submit", there are many directory submitter tools and none of them are free. I would like not to advertise any tool here whether it's excellent or bad. I also couldn't give a review to all these submitter tools because I didn't try them all. Some declare that they can submit to millions of directories, don't believe it and please go away.

There are two kinds of submitter tools: semi-automatic ones and automatic ones. With the semi-automatic submitter, you can fill all information of your website one time and submit them one by one to the directories which have been collected in their database. While with the automatic ones, you need to do only one time both information filling and submitting. Certainly, the original way is to submitting your website to the directories manually by registering to each directory site.Most people would like to do it one time to save their time, it's same to me. So I decided to get an automatic submitter after a large number of search. Lastly I purchased one at $200.

It's time to begin directory submitting now. There were some information about the website needed to be filled firstly. It is a web software site, so I set the "Site Type" to be "Commercial" and the "Category" to be "Internet/Software", and other information such as website description, keywords, contact information, etc. After all these things had been done, I couldn't wait another second to click submit button.

The submitted result made my heart to be cold. Only 32 directories were available to my website and 6 ones were failed. The left ones were pending and several ones returned me the emails to confirm it. There were more directories left which needed to be submitted manually for my website. So this was my first experience on directory submitting!

To a newbie, it always needs to pay some cost to make progress. I would like to suggest that newbie had better to learn more about it and do some submitting manually by yourself before apply a submitter tool. Please do not put your decision on some exaggerations about it.

Alan Chimes writes Articles with Websites on a wide range of subjects. He always keeps his focus on video chat and web chat market. Please visit here to get more experience on video web chat.
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Alan_Chimes