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Why Do You Need Deep Link Building For Your Website?

By Pranjit Roy
Every online business has a website to sell its products and services. Each website is made up of a number of pages describing those services and products, apart from information about the business location, contact addresses etc. The most important among all these pages is the homepage, which opens when a visitor types the site's URL (Uniform Resource Locator) in the address bar of her/his browser and hits 'enter'. For example, entering yourdomain.com in your browser's address bar will launch the homepage of your business. Homepage is the first page, or the entry point, for any website, and is referred to by the top-level domain for that particular site.

Homepages are indeed special...

because homepage is the face of all businesses or organizations online, and it creates the vital first impression that decides whether or not an occasional visitor, or a prospective customer, would spend more time exploring your website. Search engines give highest importance to this particular page amongst all pages, and enlist the top-level domain or the homepage URL easily. Naturally, then, the homepage becomes the most visited page of every listed website. This is the reason you must have an informative, user-friendly, and impressive homepage, which also must have easy access to information about almost all products and services your business has to offer.

Homepage alone can't satisfy all business needs

There is no disputing that informative and attractive homepages create positive first impression, and persuade visitors (or potential clients) to spend more time on your site. But it is quite challenging to furnish easy access to full range of information of all products and/or services on the homepage itself. You can always try to add all the information in a single page, but that not only would make the page cluttered and confusing, but also large in terms of byte size, thus increasing the page load time over slow internet connection. And these are serious problems that would hurt your online business, by driving away visitors. Deep linking is the way out The only way out of this problem is to prepare individual pages specific to each product or service, and add those pages to your website. The next step is to properly link them up with your homepage by strong internal linking. These pages then become inner (or sub) pages of your homepage. This process helps keep all the important information about your organization available to the interested visitors, or prospective clients, when they come to your homepage.

Increasing importance (link popularity) of the inner pages

We netizens all know the importance of 'link popularity' for any webpage or URL. It is the volume of quality backlinks, also measured as "votes", that a particular website receives from other sites on the Internet. This is the single-most important factor in determining the "popularity" of your site, that is, the order in which your site shows up, relative to competing sites (offering similar products/services as yours), in the list that a search engine (such as Google) generates for keywords related to your product/service.

You can get backlinks in two ways that are approved by the search engines (for their evaluation purposes). One way is when other websites, which have content and/or theme that are similar to that in your targeted page, add the link of your page(s) on theirs (often referred as theme-based links). These are the valuable and useful, but also hard-to-get, backlinks for any webpage. Besides the fact that you have almost no control on this method, the similarities of content also create competition between your organization and the others, and so they would rather have visitors spend more time on their own sites than being diverted to yours.

The alternative way, which is much easier because it is in your complete control, is to use the quality, credible, and well-maintained web-directories that offer both free and fee-based services for generating backlinks. Most web-based directories available today offer backlinks to all inner pages of your site for a modest fee, whereas their free services are generally limited to backlinking only to your homepage, or the top-level domains.***

Such deeplink building services are offered by GrafixDirectory - a high-quality and well-maintained Free Web-Directory that provides free one-way links to your homepage, as well as backlinks to all of your inner pages at the cheapest rates available on the Internet.
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Pranjit_Roy