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10 Tips on How to Make Money Blogging

By Petra Weiss
Blogging is a phenomenon that has taken the Internet by storm over the past few years. It seems like everyone is doing it, and loving it, too! People "blog" for different reasons; some just want to have a great public space on which to share stories and photos about their daily lives and experiences, or any hobbies they might have, and to interact with like minded people. Others do it because they want to help others, and possibly earn a little money on the side while doing it. And then there are the "professional" bloggers whose main purpose of blogging is to earn an online income. Many dedicated bloggers have actually been able to achieve a high level of income solely through blogging!

If you are someone who wants to earn an online income, you might want to know exactly how to make money blogging. There really is a bit of a science to it, contrary what so many people want to make you believe. It is not as simple as it is made out to be, but for anyone who is willing to put in the time and effort it will be well worth it and can be very rewarding.

Here are 10 insider tips on how to make money blogging:

1. Choose your niche wisely - it pays to get into a niche where there is already demand, but which is not over-saturated yet. You need to check out how many people look for what you want to blog about, and how much competition you are up against.
2. Get your keywords right - target long tail keywords that are all related to the niche. Create a list and be prepared to write blog posts for every single one of them.
3. If possible, choose your main keyword phrase as your domain name - make the main keyword phrase your domain name, this can help with your SEO (search engine optimization)
4. Pay for hosting and use WordPress as your blogging platform - you will be much more flexible than with any free blogging platforms, and WordPress is hands down the best platform out there (in my opinion). Do not go for free blogging platforms if you want to monetize your blog!
5. Post to your blog on a regular basis, at least once a week. Google loves blogs that are updated regularly.
6. Optimize your blog posts for the keywords you picked for your niche. This will help your blog posts to rise to the top of the SERP's.
7. Write unique content. Unique content is king in Google's eyes! Do not copy articles or posts, try to come up with your own words.
8. Be clever with your monetization - link to some of your Affiliate Products through words within your posts, do not overfill your blog with advertisement.
9. Use different ways to make money from your blog - Google AdSense, Banners, Content Links......do not stick to just one method.
10. Traffic, Traffic, Traffic - work constantly on bringing in more traffic to your blog by commenting on other blogs, writing articles, creating Squidoo lenses, being active in niche related forums,....there are many, many ways to help you bring in that all important traffic.

These points are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how to make money blogging. Blogging can be a fun way of earning money on the Internet, but only if you know what you are doing. If your goal is the money and you are not quite sure how to proceed, it will pay off to invest into a legitimate guide to blogging to make sure all your efforts aren't wasted.

Petra Weiss is a German living in Australia and discovered Internet Marketing and Affiliate Marketing in October 2007. After a rocky start and some major hick-ups on the way she found what works for her in generating income online and she has now focused her main stream of income on Niche Blogging and creating her own information products for sale online. Since focusing on these two sectors she has gained immense experience in the field and has been generating a steady online income. She is now teaching others to become successful with Affiliate Marketing through niche blogging with her eBook http://www.affiliatemarketingsos.com, and you can also find her on her Internet Marketing Blog petra-weiss.com for general help and advice with all matters regarding making money online.
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Petra_Weiss