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Work From Home Blogging - Free Lesson 1

By Sheila Hernandez
At last after a year of searching on the net I have finally come across free information as to how to become a work from home Mom. I almost lost hope on finding free information on earning money online. There are actualy a lot of Options to earn money on-line but earning by blogging I think is the only choice if you like a passive income. I have actually paid to enroll in a private institution to learn how to transcribed only to found out as I went through with the study that I realized it was not for me and so I kept on searching ways to earn money online without investing money. I don't like to repeat the same mistake of spending money without result.

Although, many bloggers has repeatedly emphasized that it is not as easy as some make it sounds. Efforts, hardwork and patience to succeed. It takes time before you will earn the money you really wanted.

I actually just gone through a lot of reading. You cannot really find all the information you needed to set-up your first blog. I know there are a lot of individuals who is also searching the same opportunity specially Moms like me who wanted so much to work from home. I am writing it down now for my personal reference and for so many people and moms out there seriously likes to work from home. I am writing it the way I believe it is easier to be understood by Beginners.

1.) Understanding the basic terminologies'

For Starters below terminologies shall help you a lot as you read articles on "Make money online"; "Make Money blogging", "Internet Marketing", "Setting up your On-line Business" and the like.

1.) Niche - Topic
2.) Blog - Article
3.) Traffic - visitors or people who open your blog
4.) Index - Search Engines. If your blog is found when one is searching then it means you have been indexed. Sample of Search Engines: Google, Yahoo, MSNKeywords - Topic being emphasis in a blog
4.) Page Rank - Position of your blog when you have been indexed-1st or 2nd page...1st page means your blog is at high level which means more traffic.
Backlinks - links placed on other websites, blogs or forums that connect people to your website.
5.) Vlog - on line video log

Let me give a simple explanation for each.

1.) Niche - You need to choose Niches that will give you more traffic and sell products on line. Think of a topic that is most frequently being search on the net. This will give you higher probability of more traffic.
2.) Blog - You need to write articles to get more traffic. You can also use your other articles to backlink with each others. It is recommended however, to use original articles to get higher Page Rank.
3.) Index - Your blog needs to be indexed so that Internet surfers will find your site.
4.) Keywords - You need to have a Keyword when writing a blog so that search Engines may know what your article is all about. Search engines uses programs to identify the content of your blog. It is therefore recommended to repeat your keyword - for every 500 word. However, don't overdo it for it might is tag as Spam.
5.) Page Rank - Your blog should have high Page Rank. Most of the internet surfers read only the first page then leave so it is of high importance that you rank high.

2.) How to earn money blogging.

Your blog will serve as the channel to earn money. As you have seen many blogs on the net there are many advertisement around it. If your visitors will click this advertisements while visiting your site then you get commission for it.

You can set up a blog for free. Google will provide advertisements for your blog for free. You will earn an immediate commission from Google each time someone clicks an advertisement on your blog.

OK that is all for now, I hope I have made it easy for beginners to understand how to earn money online free through blogging and finally become a work from home mom. On my next lesson I am planning to continue it with ''How to set-up your First blog for free."
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Sheila_Hernandez